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Two features of JTL electric hobs

Two features of JTL electric hobs
Two features of JTL electric hobs
  • Top plate was equipped with German SCHOTT CERAN ceramic glass.
  • German EGO burner.

JTL electric hob features improving safety performance with German SCHOTT ceramic glass top plate that is thermal resistance up to 800°C as well as 560 ℃ heating continuously without breakage more than 5,000 hours.

In addition, German EGO burners bring to you a rapid heating up time and stable induction. It is suitable with multifarious cookware. You may just enjoy your cooking time using JTL appliances.

  • All product designs and electrical technologies were developed at JTL.
  • All products were made in Taiwan ensuring superior quality.
  • JTL door is always opening for OEM and ODM business.
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