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JT–3506Q-Dish dryerJT–3506Q

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  1. JT-3506Q Drawer type dish dryer and storage

    • Innovated 14cm high stainless steel drawer type dish dryer. Fitting perfectly to the cabinet with various kitchen built-in appliances which is 46cm high such as rice cooker cabinet, coffee maker, water dispenser…etc. and creating a convenient kitchen environment.

    • Optional models offering unique internal holder for bowl, coffee cup, dishes, chopsticks, and spoons…etc.

    • Body is made by stainless steel that futures stable construction, heat resistant and longer life-span.

    • Japanese temperature control device that provides accurate high heat shutdown function and ensure your safety in use.

    • With PTC heating system which is safe and able to ensure certain drying temperature.

    • Ozone sterilization system, no stink, no radiation, fresh air sucked in during operation process to prevent repeated pollutions.

    • Damping buffer sliding rail that is easy for door opening and closing. It’s convenient to use.

    • Touch control with block tampered glass, easy to use and bright appearance.

    • Original innovation drawer type dish dryer, electrical components were made in one structure which is safe and convenient for maintenance.


JT–3506Q-Dish dryerJT–3506Q

Power (W) 195W
Voltage (V) 110V / 60Hz
Product dimensions(WxDxH)mm 555x553x141 mm
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