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Ultrasonic vegetable fruit washer

JT–7800-Ultrasonic vegetable fruit washerJT–7800

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  1. JT–7800

    • Perfect wash with ultrasonic
    Wash away pesticides and dirt on vegetables and fruit through above 40,000 times ultrasonic waves per second. Perfectly clean wash without damaging the surface of food
    • SGS certificate for washing efficiency
    With SGS certificate, users can have their vegetables and fruits safely.
    • Removable cover designed
    Special designed removable cover makes big-size vegetables wash easier and convenient for user to clean and wipe. 
    • SUS304 stainless steel basket
    SUS304 stainless steel is used inside of the sink. Special design for the basket and plate make washing and draining easier. 
    • Special overflowing hole
    Preventing overflowing from too much water or over-size object, the overflowing hole is on the high-water level. 
    • Water and electrics departure designed
    In consider of this model mostly washing vegetables and fruits, the waterproof of the whole model is IPX5. Moreover, there are waterproof boards inside.
    • Multiple choices for washing time
    According to the differences between the vegetables, whole grains, and other objects, user can choose their washing time for 5mins, 7mins, 9mins or manual setting. User can set their own washing time.


JT–7800-Ultrasonic vegetable fruit washerJT–7800

Product dimensions(WxDxH)mm 510x290x225 mm
Rated voltage/frequency 110V /60Hz
Rated output power (W) 240W
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