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JT–EG100-Electric hobsJT–EG100

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  1. EGO (Germany) ceramic burner - fast heating

    EGO (Germany) ceramic burner - fast heating
    • The heater of this ceramic hob is from the German brand EGO, which features fast heat conductivity.
    SCHOTT (Germany) microcrystalline glass panel - explosion-proof and heat-resistant
    • SCHOTT glass-ceramic, an exquisitely classic material, from Germany is applied.
    • This microcrystal glass technology is applied to the panel of electric ceramic hob,which ensures high stability.
    • The material’s characteristics of minimal thermal expansion coefficient, 
    • high thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance enable it to 
    • work safely with no failure for 5,000 hours continuously under a temp of 560 °C
    • Customer-friendly touch control design makes the operation of the hob easier and a lot more convenient. Customers can select the fire power with no effort.
    The temp-limit heating-safety-device helps reduce the generation of fumes from cooking. Super-heat-conductivity-multi-temp-adjuster meets various cooking requirements.
    • The panel heats in a vertical direction only, which avoids generating high temp on the non-heat area
    • A heat warning indicator is there to prevent scald by accidental contact.
    • Long-time-heating safety device ensures a safe cooking experience.
    • Suitable for any heat-resistant, heat-conductive ceramic and metal flat-bottom cookware (no plastics)


JT–EG100-Electric hobsJT–EG100

Surface Material Ceramic Glass
Place of Origin Taiwan
Voltage (V) 110V
Power (W) 1500W
Certification Other
Housing Material Ceramic Glass
Product dimensions(WxDxH)mm 290x510x75 mm
Cut out dimensions (WxDxH)mm 270x490 mm
Color of top plate Black
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