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Induction hobs

JT–IH238-Induction hobsJT–IH238

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  1. JT–IH238

    • IH glass smart stove can detect the bottom size of the pot and heat only area which the pot touches with the stove.
    • It saves 50% energy than traditional gas stove. IH glass smart stove reach 90% heat efficiency, which saves more energy and reduce cooking time.
    • Compared with traditional gas stoves, IH glass smart stoves will not spread heat in the cooking area.Users will not feel sultry.
    • When IH glass smart stoves are heating, smoke will not spread widely.  
    • Smart technology, fine work .Multiple safety design, healthy cooking   
    • SCHOTT CERAN® ceramic glass, with high heat resistance, high mechanical strength,low coefficient of expansion, and high transmittance of electromagnetic waves.  
    • Initial fast cooking “ Booster” function, which makes big-fire stir-fry.  
    • With initial timing cooking device, users can cook with safe.  
    • 100% touch screen, sliding-type fire adjustment, digital fire and time display.  
    • Initial overheating protection, smart panel lock, warning “Beep”, high temperature warning light, and auto power-off.  
    • Two large burning cores.Users can cook with two big pots at the same time, no 11.matter to fry, to cook, to sauté, or stir-fry.  
    • Smart timing cook.Initial timing cook device makes heating evenly. 
    • Easy operation and easy clean after using, clean as the new one.


JT–IH238-Induction hobsJT–IH238

Product dimensions(WxDxH)mm 750x450x60 mm
Cut out dimensions (WxDxH)mm 720x420 mm
Rated voltage/frequency 220V / 60Hz
Rated output power (W) 3500W
Material of top plate Ceramic Glass
Color of top plate Black
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